4 Seasons Modular Permaculture Course — 2021

We have facilitated and tutored two week (live-in) residential courses since 2013.  We decided not to do a residential course in 2020 – good decision.

However, we are doing a 4 module course for 2021 – all going according to plan.  This consist of 4 modules on a seasonal basis of 3 to 4 days each.  The first will be a Summer/Fire module in January, followed by an Autumn/Water one in April, a Winter/Earth (3 day) one in July, and a Spring/Air one in October.  This course will be facilitated by Toru Education Trust (https://www.toru.nz/courses/ ), and will be held partly at our place and partly at Waihoanga Centre (https://waihoanga.co.nz/ ) beside the Otaki River.

This course is full, unless someone has to withdraw.

A summary of what the course covers is:

  • Introduction to permaculture principles and ethics
  • Guidelines and strategies for healthy and sustainable living.
  • Connection to nature and place.
  • Observation and recognising nature’s patterns and ecosystems.
  • Design methods and presentation.
  • Nourishing body, mind and spirit.
  • Introduction to biodynamics and astronomy
  • Introduction to Maori food politics & Hua Parakore: a kaupapa Maori approach to growing.
  • Food – Home gardening: from living soil to nourishing food.
  • Water – essence of life.
  • Building – Natural building & Appropriate technologies.
  • Cultural transformation and natural economics.
  • Creating resilient and healthy communities.
  • Design methods and presentation

The course is a recognised permaculture design certificate course by PiNZ, the New Zealand permaculture organisation.

We facilitate these course for all learning styles, as open creative learning. The course includes a variety of design exercises, practical activities, field trips, group and project work, as well as presentations and DVDs.