Permaculture involves the application of guiding strategies, through design processes, to give abundant life for communities, which reflects and is grounded in the natural character of their local terrain and landscapes.  It brings together the aspirations and culture of people with the conditions and character of place, to give resilient and healthy living of people in their place.




Observe & Interact

Creatively interact with people and the planet

Recognise Patterns & Pulses

Think spirals, repeating patterns in space and time, and pulse dynamics

Go Slow & Be Small

Start with the first step, be gentle and take time to adapt and modify

Catch & Store

Conserve and re-use, with many storages at all levels

Obtain a Yield

Work where it counts, for the best return

Generate Edges

Stack in time and space,

with a spatial mosaic and succession over time

Make Connections & Accept Feedback

Build relationships, with feedback monitoring and responsible action

Reduce & Re-use

Live with enough, where everything is re-used in some way


Use many means or elements, each with multiple functions,

arranged in appropriate relationships

Be Present

Live by Nature’s renewing abundance, with the reciprocity of give and take

Celebrate Diversity

Work within the complexities of life that increase productivity and resilience

Respond Creatively

Accept what is, recognise what can change, and act effectively