BOOKS by Gary Williams

Out of the Helix

Essays on Cultural Transformation

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Patterns of Exchange

A Study in Human Understanding    Cover of "Patterns of Exchange"

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Patterns of Exchange

Community Democracy

A Study in Alternative Economics       Cover of "Community Democracy" Out of Print


ARTICLES by Gary Williams

Kick the Habit —

Article on our addiction to fossil fuels and material consumption — and local community-based alternatives.

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  Kick the Habit


PAMPHLETS by Gary Williams

Community Democracy     Natural Economics     Community Governance

A series of three pamphlets on our time and place, its challenges, and in particular appropriate social structures of economics and governance.  What would be viable social structures that mimic the natural systems of our world, and gave rise to a fair sharing of power and decision-making, and of the production and distribution of socially worthwhile goods and services?

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Nature’s Patterns

A pamphlet about the patterns of nature that guide our perception and our understanding of the world we live in.

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Forest Gardening

A pamphlet about the design and implementation of a regenerative horticulture based on forest margins.

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Water and Waterways

A pamphlet about the dynamics of water flowing in the landscape, and its relationships with all of life.

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