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Is the Government “telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” about the Covid-19 vaccination program?

This is my understanding of the Covid-19 ‘vaccination’ and its effects.

It is based on a wide ranging study of the evidence from research undertaken overseas, as well as people in New Zealand who are taking a critical thinking approach to what is happened around the pandemic.


  • The Covid-19 inoculations are not a vaccine
  • A vaccine stimulates the immune system to recognise and destroy a disease organism.
  • A vaccine thus gives you immunity – the elimination of the disease organism before it can affect you, preventing you from being infected and infectious.
  • The Covid-19 mRNA inoculations give protection against the effects of the virus, reducing symptoms and the severity of reactions to the presence of the virus.
  • It does not stop you been infected and infectious, and thus spreading the virus.
  • It is an experimental approach that has not been used on a whole of population basis before, and does not prevent the spread of the virus through a population.
  • The inoculation is essentially a treatment method, as a pre-treatment before getting the disease.
  • Covid-19 is a coronavirus, like the common colds, and because there is a relative balance between these viruses and us, our immune system does not fully eliminate these viruses, rather suppresses their effects.
  • A vaccine to eliminate this unusually severe cold virus, through immune system response, is thus a difficult task.
  • The mRNA approach is untested in terms of its effects on the immune system, especially the developing system of young people and the compromised immune system of pregnant women.  Its side-effects are only being discovered through its whole population use.
  • Its effectiveness also reduces over time, having only a short term protection effect.  After about six-months people are back to their original unprotected state.

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1)  Observe & Interact – creatively interact with people and the planet

The 1st step is to observe and collect information on our time and place, given the spread of a very infectious but not that lethal virus.

What is happening, and what are the direct impacts of this coronavirus on people, government policy and businesses.  Given the rapid (hard and fast) roll out of a ‘suppression’ lockdown approach, how are people responding, how effective and well thought out is the government response as we go through this lockdown? What is happening at a local community level, and where are there gaps in information and support?

What are the initial reactions and how diverse are they? How can we personally improve our access to information?

2)  Recognise Patterns & Pulses – the patterns of natural processes and their pulse dynamic

The 2nd step is to use pattern recognition to provide a wholistic overview and an understanding of the particular system dynamics of this virus/lockdown bio-social ecosystem.

What can we foresee about the longer term implications of this  ‘suppression’ lockdown approach and how people, governments and businesses are going to respond as the lockdown continues?  (A ‘mitigation’ community empowerment approach would be very different in actions and consequences)

What are the likely longer term consequences, especially those that are not been recognised or thought about by governments or the financial/corporate elite?  (From what we can tell.)

What are some likely changes in the patterns of responses?

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